Day out at the Dinosaur Park.

Up until now most days out have consisted of things which either myself or Rico wants to do or activities we assume Leo would probably enjoy if he wasn’t too young to understand but we have finally gotten to the point where he can go on days out and he will actively enjoy them.

That’s actually what I’ve been really looking forward to, being able to plan trips, pack a packed lunch and get on the bus’s for the day. He’s the perfect age and summer is just beginning (I don’t even care that I went through the majority of my pregnancy in the baking hot summer a year ago because we’re able to go so many more places now).

So we decided to go the the Dinosaur Park on Sunday and it was one of the nicest days out that I have ever been on (even though we had to go home early as Rico was ill). Leo was so involved and active and you could just see him taking in everything throughout the day whether it was the giant dinosaur statues or the indoor play area which was perfect for him. He’s such a boisterous and rough and tumble child, all he wants to do is walk and throw himself down which is frustrating for us both and I have to put him in his walker when I’m doing odd jobs as he literally throws himself off anything. He hates not being able to crawl and explore so full days at home are usually long and tiring.


I quite like this photo that Rico took even though I usually don’t like taking Photographs with little to no makeup but it was too too hot for foundation or eyeshadow or ANY face makeup apart from the basics.


Leo Playing on the play area.




I actually have a photo next to this Dinosaur from when I was 3 years old which is super cute and I can’t wait to bring leo back when he’s the same age so we can compare.


It’s so important for me to be able to do as many things with Leo whilst he’s young and growing but it’s quite difficult during the week as Rico works 40 hours and I don’t drive so the weekends are so important but it’s so nice when we do get that time together, especially when the weather is beautiful. We’re actually going to Portugal in 2 months which is exciting as all of Leo’s dad’s side of the family is Portuguese which makes Leo Portuguese and it’s so important for me for Leo to be brought up with as many links to all of his family as possible.

Have you got any plans for Summer?

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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