Periods after Pregnancy.

Periods, something I have never actually discussed on my blog but guess what guys I’m going for a revamp. Looking back at all of my blog posts recently I feel like I’ve strayed off topic and in doing so lost passion for writing. I enjoy what I have been recently writing about and it seems to receive a larger audience but I haven’t been having the excitement of an idea popping in my head, planning it and making sure that it’s the best work that I can do. So sorry if this offends you but I’m going to get a hell of a lot more frank on here.

With all of the highs and lows of pregnancy I can say without a doubt one of the best things you experience is the 9 month lack of periods. Forget all of the back ache, cramps, sickness, tiredness and other joys of pregnancy, it’s so much easier knowing you are free from the demon for the foreseeable future.

But what happens once it returns, you should be able to deal with it easily shouldn’t you. I mean you literally created and birthed an entire human but unfortunately life does not work out like that. Literally one of the only bright spots about breastfeeding once I reached the end of my tether was my lack of period and even the joy of no more mastitis, shared feeding and all round discomfort was tinged by my period returning.

So why is it just as unpleasant? Hasn’t my life experience toughened me up? I don’t even think it comes down to that. There’s no hormones or reason to want to deal with periods, no good thing comes out of it in the end and there’s certainly no adrenaline, I feel just as sad and wingy as I did when I was a 13 year old  but being a mother does something to you that you can’t get any other way. It just makes you want to get on with things and this is coming from a person who is notorious for feeling sorry for them. you can’t explain it, no matter how bad you feel, you feel it but you can ignore it for your little ones sake which is a really humbling experience.

I also find this with my bad mental health days, yes my mental health has improved by 10 fold but there are still some days when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed. I want to hibernate for days and days and days and in doing so makes me sad for days but now I find that even if I’m feeling dreadful I always get up and within the next couple of hours feel right as rain and that’s how I become so thankful of Leo, I do everything for me but he does the same amount for me because without him nobody would be fed, or dressed or go out or mentally stimulated.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


4 thoughts on “Periods after Pregnancy.

  1. I actually find my periods to be a lot worse after having a baby, more hormonal more painful and heavier – it almost makes me want to get pregnant again lol. There’s definitely a shift in hormones after a baby that can affect periods but don’t feel bad if you have down days with them – it’s all normal Jen XOXO


  2. I think being honest and writing about what you’re passionate about is the best. I’ve been doing the same on my blog lately. Thank you for sharing your honesty!

    And I have to agree that periods after baby are the worst. The worst of my life. I wish I could tell my body – “I’m done having kids, can we hit the OFF switch now?” 🙂

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    1. I agree, there are so many whitwashed blogs which don’t give accurate representations (I am guilty of this) honesty is best. What’s the link to your blog. I’d love to read your posts x


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