Top 5 Worst Liquid Lipsticks.

Hello my angels,

I know that I am only uploading YouTube videos at the moment, i’m trying to find a nice balance of being able to upload and blog and go about my day to day life but I get so distracted so easily so I hope that my blog posts about my videos are okay.

Today I have for you my ‘Top 5  Worst Liquid Lipsticks’. Now I am a liquid Lipstick fanatic and I completely love trying new products and brands. I love to chop and change to find out which formulas I love and will always buy one offs for beautiful products (i’m a whore I know) so I thought I’d find the 5 products which I dislike the most and tell you all about why (I go into so much detail, I actually didn’t even realise that I was rambling on so much until I came to editing).

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Love you all,

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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