Why Having My Baby Got Rid Of My Anxiety.

Hi Guys,

I am a person who does not try and hide the fact that I have struggled with mental health in the past (check the name, an anxious mum 101 lmao) and it’s actually the original reason why i started blogging. I wanted to be able to document my highs and lows throughout pregnancy and also to be able to educate and normalise mental health. It really upsets me the amount of stigma that surrounds mental health and some of the down right ignorance that follows. I know so many people who have struggled with so many different types of mental health and either feel like they can only joke about it so they don’t discuss it properly or just avoid the situation.

Come on guys, it’s okay for everyone to discuss mental health. I wish someone could just ask how someone was and for them to say they were feeling down or a bit anxious without any negative connotations. It’s a real shame that our society has developed to be like this.

If you’d like to watch this video then you can watch below, also remember to click the link below.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x



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