Benefit Brow Zings 4 Review.

Hi Guys

Okay so today I have a new product which I’ve been saving for a while to do a review on. It’s the Benefit Brow Zing 4 which my Mum actually picked up at customs when they went on holiday so props to her. I wouldn’t usually try new brow products as I’ve got such a foolproof way of doing my brows with the Anastasia beverly hills Dipbrow Pomade, Nyx blush in the colour taupe and L’oreal brow gel, so cheers mama.

I actually used to use the Benefit ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ Palette for my eyebrows from about the ages of 13-16 so I already love their products and the whole line of all of their eyebrow products are so cute. They look expensive and worth the money which is good because some products rely on the brand name to be able to sell expensive products and don’t actually try and make it high quality (sorry MAC I still love ya).



So opening the product there is a wax, powder, tweezers and a brush which opens to become double sided which is a cool idea. Usually I would use a more neutral colour for the powder but I can try a warmer brow, let’s be adventurous.


Okay so applying is odd because I’m not used to using brushes like that I either use the Morphe Eyebrow Brush or Urban Decay and pair it with the Morphe Eyeliner brush. and this is not as dense. I also don’t see a point for the rounded brush as I’d use a more sharper brush.

I actually really like the wax and will probably bring it into my routine. For some reason my ABH dipbrow pomade has done something funky and is more like a cream but I still use it and it actually works but the wax is so different I’m able to create hair like strokes which I can’t do with the Pomade as it’s too thick. For my personal taste the wax and the powder is too similar in colour as I like to use the powder as a gradual effect and it’s more difficult to do that but as the wax is thicker you are able to make a much cleaner look. I really actually quite like it. All in all it’s a great concept and the whole line is practical and pretty. I will probably be incorporating this into my rotating routine and could even slide it’s way into my day to day.

What’s your favourite eyebrow Product?

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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