My Baby Is Crawling.

Hello my lovelies,

So I am probably known for creating blogs which miss the mark ever so slightly but when you’re a parent every ooh and aww seem like a sentence and every accidental reach too far is definitely a crawl but I have 100% proof that you cannot fault at all.

Okay so Leo is definitely crawling, not confidently and still kind of army shuffling his way along but he is getting from point A to Point B when he wants to. I was actually quite shocked when he decided he was ready because he’s only 5 months and on all of the websites it says babies usually start crawling at 6-9 months on average but he is such a strong baby it’s insane. Even the health visitor, who used to come over she said how strong he was when he had his heel prick. She couldn’t keep his foot still when she tried to get a sample.

I’m going off topic but I’m super duper proud and also really pleased for him as he always wants to be active and mobile but can’t without me so gets really agitated when he’s been put down.

I stopped doing my month by month update because he’s just smashing these milestones so quickly I can’t keep up and I’m enjoying just living in the moment which I know is the exact opposite of everything I have said for months.

Here’s a little video of Leo crawling.


Speak soon,

Hannah x


5 thoughts on “My Baby Is Crawling.

  1. So cute! My boy is 5 and a half months and is almost doing the exact same move. I call it the frog. My life is going to be over right? 😀

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