Babies First: Trip to the Beach.

Hi guys,

So by now you’re probably really bored of my babies first series but to tell you the truth these are my favourite blogs that I have written so far. I am able to look back and see all of Leo’s firsts in detail and recall the emotion that I felt at the time as opposed to just a fleeting ‘oh yeah’ that happened.

So Yesterday I had a super exciting Babies first, it was his first trip to the beach. Now ever since I first found out I was pregnant I have been super excited to just take him to the beach and let him touch the sand watch the colours of the funfairs that regularly follow the coasts or even having a family to sit on the beach with a big old portion of fish and chips.

So when the opportunity to go to Yarmouth arose of course I had to chase it. To be honest we live so close to the coast I really don’t know why it took us so long to take him because he loved every single thing about it. We decided to baby wear (ended up being a great choice) as with 8 of us in the car we couldn’t fit a pram in but it gave him the opportunity take everything in. He loved being held above the waves and running back when they fled up the sand. He loved jumping on the dry sand and watching it kick up into a dust cloud and he absolutely loved looking at all of the lights and colours as we walked through the funfair.

Here are some snaps we took during the day.


For a 5 month old (5 month update coming tomorrow, sorry always late) he always wants to be involved and knowing what’s going on which has helped him develop his fine and gross motor skills as he is motivated to grab things and hold himself up. All in all it was a success and I had a wonderful time with my lovely family.

If you want to read Leo’s other Babies firsts then I will leave links to all of the other ones down below.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x


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