Morphe 12Z Review and Swatches.

Hello my lovelies,

Okay so the last time I bought a Morphe Palette, it was the first non-drugstore palette I ever bought (I know it’s drugstore prices but I mean quality wise.) and at the time I actually loved the palette to bits. I bought the 35k which is a beautiful chocolate palette full of warm browns and champagne shimmers which are perfect for a smokey eye.

Since then I have bought a number of high end palettes from ABH, Too Faced, Estee Lauder and Violet Voss and more and have changed my opinion slightly on the Morphe shadows so I was interested in looking at the new palette and seeing how my opinion differed.

I thought that this palette was going to be in a clear front but it actually just came in the standard Morphe container with the matte black casing and the signature brand name.

The colours on initial inspection are gorgeous with two matte colours and the rest shimmers. It is the perfect concoction for a cool and neutral toned smokey eye look and the colours have been thought out. You can use the matte (green and black) as a crease colour with the turquoise and the blues and the black in the crease for the rest of the colours so it’s not impossible to only use this palette for a full look but for the best outcome you should use another colour with a wider variety of matte colours.

Now onto the formula and pigmentation.

Okay So the first row is slightly disappointing, it consists of a silver, grey, brick red and pink toned purple. All of these shades are creamy but lack pigmentation. I’m sure they could be built up but I don’t think they’re the best.

Now this row is my FAVOURITE with a brown, matte green, deep blue and I don’t even know what to call the last one, I guess it’s a brown with blue reflects in it. The first and third are almost foiled shadows which is so impressive for a palette which is only 12 pounds. The last shade is my favourite out of the entire palette, it looks like the Urban decay Moondust shadows. It really is beautiful.

And finally the last row. There are two more almost foiled shades which this royal blue which I am in love with and Yellow blue and then there is a shimmery grey and a matte black. I always think that you can tell the quality of a palette by how pigmented the black is. It’s actually quite difficult to get the pigmentation off of a black and it is quite impressive.

All in all this palette is extremely pigmented and I think it is a great steal for only 12 pounds as opposed the the larger palettes where they stick as many different shades of one colour and call it a colour scheme (not that I particularly dislike that, it’s wonderful for filling in for other palettes). They seem to have really thought about this one and all of the shadows can be used as the main show as opposed to just dipping into for one colour.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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