MOTD 9: Mothers Day Day Look

Hello my lovelies,

Okay so I’m a bit late with this one but I’ve been busy with flat pack furniture and trying to exist on lack of sleep (children) and also mother’s day the other day which I was super excited about.

It was my first mother’s day and I honestly don’t know who was more excited, myself or Ricardo. Actually, I know the answer, it was Ricardo. We have a thing where on most opportunities where we have to open presents we always open them at midnight but I wanted to open my mother’s day present in the morning because I have the fondest memories of curling up on my mums bed every year at stupid o’clock in the morning and handing her her presents and It just looked so desirable but Rico was so proud of what he’d bought me he wanted me to open it. He was almost begging me to open it at midnight then when I called his bluff he’d instantly retract it and you could see the pain in his eyes.

There turned out to be a reason in why he was so excited about giving me my present, it’s because the boy done good. He got me a beautiful photo frame with pictures of our family and a Jeffree star liquid lipstick in the colour Blue velvet, which I mentioned that I wanted in passing a couple of weeks ago.

I created a cute little look which I was pleased with:

My next makeup of the day will be my number 10 which is exciting so i’m going to do it slightly different, I’m going to take a photo from each one and link so you can see all of them up until now. I think that will be a cute idea.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post,

speak soon,

Hannah x


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