I’m a Mother and a Superhero

Okay guys, so you’re going to have to give me a bit of time on this blog to explain myself as I’ve tried writing this a few times before this is the only way I have been able to bring it all together. Although this is a blog for all of you and it’s a post for me too today.

When I initially explained what I wanted to write about to Ricardo I was met with a plethora of giggles, not maliciously but just because it sounds ridiculous when I try and explain it.

So here goes guys I am a superhero.

Now when I say that I am not being pretentious or self-centered but just giving myself a little bit of credit with a bit of creative licence. I feel like I deserve credit as do so many other mothers and fathers out there.

Obviously when you are a superhero you have a number of superpowers and since Leo was born (my metaphorical spider bite, I feel like I’m invincible. Here are my powers:

Super Strength:

  • I brought a child into the world (if that isn’t super strength then I don’t know what is.)
  • I can go nights with minimal sleep (we are currently on day 3 with about 4 hours sleep between 4-8am because I have a teething, chesty baby yaay).
  • I can look after a child full time, make dinner. clean the house, wash the clothes and still have time to run a blog.

Super hearing:

  • I can wake up with the smallest grunt or whimper before it turns into a unconsolable scream.
  • One of my proudest talents is I am now able to tell how much water (150ml, 180ml) goes into a bottle purely by listening to the water rise in pitch as it enters the bottle so when I am half asleep at half 3 in the morning making a bottle all it takes is a quick glance to double check.
  • I can now tell what My child wants by the tone of his cry.

Super Intelligence:

  • I have developed a method of being able to reach anything within a meter and a half when I have a (extremely light) sleeper sleeping on myself using my feet and other objects such as scarfs and hooking things with xbox controllers (usually food).
  • I have worked out ways of making food out of minimal food in the house when it occurs even though when I left home I could barely make a decent pasta sauce.
  •  I can tell when my child is tricking me for attention.

Now I can see how this can be taken as pretentious but with  motherhood you are subjected to hours of sometimes lonely thankless work with no guidelines and rules to get you through the day. Especially nowadays with social media everybody filtering their lives to an inch of their lives, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and like you are drowning but we all need to take the time out of the days to celebrate the little things because even though your child may not be sleeping throughout the night, didn’t take to breastfeeding, accidentally uttered a swear word that they heard when you stubbed your toe, or refuses to stay clean that’s okay and that’s normal and the work you are doing is absolutely incredible and you are a Superhero.

Speak soon,

Hannah x



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