Babies First Train Journey

Hi guys,

So I haven’t posted for a few days and that’s because I’ve been at Rico’s parents for a few days visiting his family but we hit another exciting milestone. Leo went on his first train journey.

So instead of being sensible and just taking him 20 minutes away to the coast we decided to take him to Hertfordshire which is 3 hours and 3 trains but luckily Leo is a pretty chilled out baby and only gets upset when he needs something for the way back (touch wood for the way back).


sleepy boys


I’m enjoying making all of these babies first blog posts and being able to keep a track of his milestones and have photos and a record of everything.

The other Babies firsts that we have reached are:

Babies first snow day

Babies first Injections

Babies first tooth(ish)

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Speak soon,

Hannah x


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