MOTD 8: Holy Grail First impressions look.

Good morning my treacles,

Today I am writing my blog super duper early but I have managed to get the sprog down for a nap (yay) and he has given me enough time to do my makeup and to take pictures and write my blog (maybe???).

So even though I am not going out today I still did my makeup like I was going for a night out; to be honest I actually put more makeup on when I am at home than going out because when i Go out most of my time is spent on getting Leo ready and you won’t understand the struggles of getting a baby out of the house with all of their accessories until you actually have a baby, but when he is napping I enjoy experimenting and doing different looks.

Today is the first time that I am actually using the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette which I got the other day and you can watch my first impressions if you want if you click HERE (shameless self promo). I also Recieved my first ever Jeffree Starr product as I’ve been slightly dubious before because of his reputation but I reckoned his products are all vegan and cruelty free so it was better than buying mac for instance and I am so impressed, hence the reason that I’ve worn the lipstick for my last two posts. I just want to never take it off in my life.




So apart from using the Holy Grail Palette this is actually a pretty basic makeup look so I won’t link everything that I used but you can have a look on my previous Makeup of the day if you click HERE if you want to have a look. I think I’m going to reinvest in a new ABH dipbrow because even though it’s the same time as my hair I think I need something more grey toned. I have only had my natural red hair for a few months so I’m still trying to find what works for it.

If you’d like to subscribe or have a look at my YouTube then I would love that and you can click HERE.

Speak to you soon,

Hannah x




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