A Trip to the Castle!

Although it is Valentines day today it's a day which we have decided not to celebrate, so instead we decided to go to our local castle. It's a beautiful Landmark in Norwich that I have visited since I was a young child. In fact one of my first memories was when I was in nursery … Continue reading A Trip to the Castle!



So I'm bringing you another YouTube video and this time it's another generic video as I'm still getting to grips with everything. I hope to branch off with more creative ideas once I know all of the tech better but until then enjoy my generic ramblings. You can view my video HEEEERRRREEEEE!!!!!!! And make sure … Continue reading YOUTUBE MADE ME BUY IT (YouTube video)

LA Girl Pro Conceal Review. Is it worth the hype?

hi guys, Today I have another product review which I haven't done in a while but I wanted to write one about this specific Concealer. It's the LA Girl Pro Concealer . which has been raved about all over the internet. Obviously with such great reviews and a low price this is why I decided … Continue reading LA Girl Pro Conceal Review. Is it worth the hype?

My Waterbirth Story (First Youtube Video)

Hi guys, I know that I say this a lot but I'm trying something new today. I filmed my first Youtube video detailing my birth story. When I started this blog I had no intention to make Youtube videos but I have tried writing about this and a number of other stories and it just … Continue reading My Waterbirth Story (First Youtube Video)

White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.

I've made no secret of the fact that Leo finds it impossible to sleep on his own and for the last month-ish has had to sleep with me in my bed. I know that it is frowned upon to co-sleep but I have actually found it extremely useful, obviously being extremely careful aka. not sleeping … Continue reading White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.