The little Things.

So being a mother is one of the most confusing and difficult things you can do. You don’t get to shadow anyone, there’s no right way to do things and you’re met with unwanted opinions and disapproving looks left right and center but it’s all worth it with the sprog.

For the first few months your baby is at their neediest and you are at your most naive and sometimes it can feel like it’s overwhelming especially if it’s your first baby but once you get into a  routine and they’re slightly more independent it can become less worrying and stressful and more precious, especially when they are learning something new every other day.

Leo’s long past the time where he’s smiling, he’s now laughing and being so so cheeky. it melts my heart. He now has this new trick where when he wants attention he pretends to cry by sticking out his bottom lip and moaning but it is so easy to make him laugh. it’s a mess of winging and giggling and although I shouldn’t encourage it it’s the sweetest thing.


Here is a photo of Leo I tried to take the other day showing his outfit but he decided to sneeze at the wrong time.

Over the last couple of days Leo has discovered that he has feet and constantly has his feet in his hands, when he doesn’t he’s watching them kick and looking completely confused as to how he is making this object move without using his hands and he will happily sit their with an excess of 20 minutes.


I also didn’t realise how strong he is getting. The other day I put him in a bouncer that I hadn’t put him in for a few weeks and unlike before where he just laid in it and started crying once he became frustrated he managed to hold onto the side and pull himself into a sitting position. I have never ran to him so fast.

Anyway this isn’t a long post as he has his 4 month update coming soon (gasp) and I will do a separate post for that but I just wanted a little post about Leo’s development because it’s going so quickly I can’t keep up.


Speak soon,

Hannah x


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