Babies first Tooth(ish)

So without even realising it I seem to have created a series of blog posts all titles babies firsts including Babies first Injection and Babies first Snow Day (which I was so excited about when I realised) but today I am bring to you with pride and dismay Babies First Tooth(ish).

This post has been a long time coming but I have been completely in denial because who wants their babies to grow up too quickly. For weeks and weeks I have been putting off the bucket loads of dribble and him constantly putting every single thing he has his hands on (including his hands for the majority of the time) in his mouth but yesterday I finally found it. The start of a tooth coming through


Now I don’t think that it was the fact that I was completely in denial but I also didn’t realise that babies could get their teeth through at 3 months. Apparently so and one of my mummy friends babies even had his through at 6 weeks but It seems like the day is ever looming that I am going to have a chubby(er), chaty(er) crawling (no not yet) squidge.

If you’d to have a look at my youtube which I am going to try and upload on twice a week as well as most days on here then click below.

AnAnxiousMum101 Youtube Channel.

If you like these babies first blogs then please let me know.

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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