A Trip to the Castle!

Although it is Valentines day today it’s a day which we have decided not to celebrate, so instead we decided to go to our local castle. It’s a beautiful Landmark in Norwich that I have visited since I was a young child. In fact one of my first memories was when I was in nursery when I was about 5 years old and we all went as a class.

I remember numerous times I went with family and friends and each and every time I go it brings back nostalgia and great memories. Ricardo on the other hand has only been living in Norwich for around 8 months and only been once when I was 6 months pregnant and Leonardo hadn’t been at all (unless you count when he was still a sprog in my stomach).

I know that Leonardo won’t remember it but I want to be able to tell him that it’s a place that we’ve taken him since he was young and for him to have the great memories that I have and for when he is older to still feel excited and warm to visit, remembering every exhibit off by heart but still feeling like it’s brand new.

It also is accompanied by an incredible view of the city and the view of the castle from below is pretty beautiful also.

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Speak soon,

Hannah x


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