LA Girl Pro Conceal Review. Is it worth the hype?

hi guys,

Today I have another product review which I haven’t done in a while but I wanted to write one about this specific Concealer. It’s the LA Girl Pro Concealer . which has been raved about all over the internet. Obviously with such great reviews and a low price this is why I decided to purchase it.


So I purchased this product on Beauty Bay where products are slightly more expensive which is understandable from them being American Based brands (I’m not sure where else it’s sold apart from America). Even though I spent £5 (when it’s $5 in america £4).

So when I initially opened the product it was a brush applicator which I didn’t expect and the bristles are a plasticy material. I actually really disliked the applicator and felt like it was extremely difficult to get a good amount of the product under the eye. You really had to go over and over and over the area that you wish to conceal to get a good even coverage when you blend it out. I chose to blend it out with a beauty blender so I’m not sure what the difference is with a brush or any other method.)


Another point I love being extremely pale because if I’m buying something online then I just order the palest colour and it usually is light enough for me. I ordered the colour Porcelain and it was so orange based that I could have probably used it as a colour corrector and in the end had to go over with another lighter coverage lighter coloured concealer.


The top concealer is the LA Girl Pro Concealer and the bottom is the Seventeen Concealer so you can see how orange based it is.

I did not like this product at all but maybe if there is a lighter colour or if I used the colour correctors then I know I would. After I did use enough product I found that it was buildable and I paired this with the Seventeen Stay time up to 18 hours Concealer in the colour Extra Fair.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this,

Speak soon,

Hannah x


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