White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Leo finds it impossible to sleep on his own and for the last month-ish has had to sleep with me in my bed. I know that it is frowned upon to co-sleep but I have actually found it extremely useful, obviously being extremely careful aka. not sleeping with a duvet, just Leo’s sleeping bag, always facing away from Rico etc. but people have continued to scald me for it. He can’t even nap on his back as he wakes up so for weeks he would nap laying ontop of me and I would barely get up all day. In the end I was advised by medical professionals saying that if the only way to get him to nap is on his front then that’s what he’s going to have to do.


Initially when Leo was born there was no way in hell that I was going to co-sleep with him but when he was 6 weeks old he developed severe Bronchitis in which whenever he laid down he would cough, gag and sometimes vomit and choke. He couldn’t breathe out of his nose and was advised to have him in the bed and by doing this he slept on his side so if he did choke I would quickly wake up and be able to either turn him over or give him a good old fashioned slap on the back. After a week or so his symptoms disappeared, unfortunately by this point he got in the spirit of sleeping in my bed and I have found it extremely difficult to get him out of it.

Every night for at least 2-3 hours I have tried to get him to sleep in his moses basket but he always wakes himself up after a few minutes for some reason for another and I have given in and just let him sleep him in his bed. I am now trying a new route. No more moses basket, I am going to put him straight in his cot because I don’t want him to get used to his basket and then have to get him used to his cot. He’s so close to outgrowing it and to be completely honest I can’t go through that amount of sleep deprivation.

So last night he spent his first night(ish) in his big boy cot with his sleeping bag and the same thing as usual happened. I laid him in it after he had been asleep for over an hour (any less and he wakes immediately) and held his hands down until he was in a deep deep sleep. I got on with what I was doing but after an hour he started waving his hands around and hit himself in the face. Obviously he woke up immediately and we spent the next hour going through this routine. Just as I was about to give up I remember one of the mums on a mum facebook page who was telling us about white noise and I decided to give it a go.

I’m not sure if it was an coincident but he then slept until I decided to turn it off because I thought he was in a deep enough sleep so tonight I think I am going to put it on all night, if it’s not too annoying for us and see what happens. Hopefully I may be able to spend my first night baby free in bed but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Do any of my mummy bloggers have any tips for getting a restless sprog to sleep?

Speak soon,

Hannah x


3 thoughts on “White Noise? Leo’s sleeping pattern.

  1. The crying method worked best for me and my son who is now 12 weeks, he went through a stage of not sleeping at all and eventually ending up in my bed, until one night I gave him a bath, a warm bottle and while he was awake I put him into his Moses basket and left him (I live in a bedsit so it’s just one room so he weren’t alone) and sat while he cried and waited it out.. every 10 mins I went and settled him gave him his dummy and walked away again, After half hour he was asleep, it’s good for babies to go to sleep awake so they learn how to settle themselves to sleep without being rocked/held, now my son goes to bed awake and doesn’t cry and settles himself to sleep.. it’s hard to listen to the crying for the first few nights but it’s worth it, eventually they learn that once there put down it’s time for bed x

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  2. I would say if he sleeps better with you then let the boy sleep with you! You can’t create bad habits at this age (check out the 4th trimester). They are supposed to want and find comfort with you close, especially if he’s been poorly x

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