Babies First Snow Day.

Anybody who lives in the UK knows that today has been an extremely snowy day and anybody who lives in the UK would also know what a big deal it is. In England we don’t get extreme anything like other countries. It’s never cold enough for people to go skiing and make snowmen for weeks, on the other hand it’s rarely hot enough to sunbathe on the beach for hours but on this rare day we have had tons and tons of snow. Okay, it only lasted a few hours but it was enough for me to run into our bedroom and rip the curtains open so I could excitedly show Rico the fact that the garden that we share was settling with my snow.

Unfortunately there are a number of reasons that  Ricardo and myself differ. The first being that I’m a early bird and am usually awake before Leo and Rico goes to bed late so he didn’t appreciate being jumped on. Another reason that we differ is because he hates the cold, whereas I can’t think of anything in the world better. My favourite holidays I’ve been on are are when I went to Finland and Norway to go skiing and it was wonderful. The way that the most trivial of things becomes so so beautiful with a layer of snow or frost ontop. For example there were a number of frozen water droplets on out washing line and it looked stunning.

This wasn’t the only reason why I was so excited when I woke to it snowing. It was Leo’s first experience with snow and as there hadn’t been any laying snow for four years here i’m super thankful there is because when I took him to the window to look at the snow falling onto the courtyard he looked so intrigued and confused and was really focusing. It melted my heart (excuse the pun.)

I can’t wait until he’s old enough to take him on a sledge to the local horse field near my parents house which I used to ski down when I was little and see him fly down the hill or to make a snow man because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the childish excitement of something as magical as the winter.

He didn’t even seem overly bothered about the cold when we went out, even though he was wrapped up to the max and enjoyed meeting my lovely friend Georgie and a shopping trip and in the evening dinner.

Did you get snow wherever you are?

talk soon,

Hannah x


9 thoughts on “Babies First Snow Day.

  1. Hannah I have to admit that although not exchanging a beautiful and hot day near the beach when it snows everything looks more beautiful and there is a peace in the air that can not be described in words. I also had a lot of fun and I want more, your baby boy besides being very cute also is very similar to you😉


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