Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Swatches and review

This is a pallet that I have wanted for a long long long time but every time I have previously tried to buy it it has been out of stock and when I went to buy this pallet YESTERDAY, cult Beauty said that it was out of stock. there was also the option to be added to a wait list but I’m far too impatient to wait for it to come back into stock. This was okay as I have also wanted the too faced chocolate bon bon pallet just as much and I was going to go to my local Too Faced Stand when I was waiting for my fiance to finish work and purchase that instead. Fortunately I was scrolling through Facebook and an advertisement for the Modern Renaissance pallet  came up on my side bar from beauty bay which was exciting as I don’t believe that Beauty Bay has stocked this before. I ordered this yesterday at 10 am and by 10.30 this morning it had arrived with tracking all of the way which is really rather impressive.


I’ve only ever had one other product from ABH which is the dip brow Pomade which I use each and every day and love and have always felt in awe at the entire brand. The quality and aesthetic and ability to stay one step ahead of the trends is truly amazing. I also remember reading about Anastasia and how she created the brand which is actually extremely interesting if anyone is curious.

On initial inspection the packaging is incredible. The velvet pink box feels almost regal  even though you have to make sure that you don’t have any product on your fingers at all when you touch the box as I found out the hard way. Apart from that, this pallet is an extremely luxurious product.

I can honestly say that ABH is the most creamy and easily to blend eye shadow formulas and when I had a quick test when Leo was having his nap today I felt positively joyous at blending the colours in. Usually I would have to really work but the colours just flowed together, it was extremely joyous and the colours are incredible.

Usually when I recieve a pallet I get stuck using one or two colours as I’m not particularly creative when it comes to colour combinations, I usually stick to browns or greys for the outer corner and yellow toned shimmer colours for the inner corner but with this pallet I feel like there is so much I can realistically achieve. It is a beautiful mix between basic every day colours and bright colours that go together beautifully.

 I especially love Red Ochre and Realgar as they are beautiful beautiful colours. I have seen so many different looks with this that are so extremely different and I am so excited to be the proud new owner.

I got to have a quick use of this pallet when my son was having his lunch nap together for an hour and I managed to create this cut crease look below using raw sienna and burnt orange as transition colours, Cyprus Umber on the crease and Primavera on the lid. I am also using the ABH dipbrow pomade in Chocolate, Nyx Matte black eyeliner and YSL mascara.






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