Estée Lauder pure colour envy lipstick swatches.

So one thing that I love about Christmas is the seasonal gift sets and this year has been no exception. Estée Lauder came out with a gorgeous set of lipsticks in a number of beautiful beautiful colours. For some reason I have never owned any products from Estée Lauder apart from an Eye shadow pallet which I bought years and years ago and coincidentally was also a seasonal pallet so I was excited to review this product.

The packaging is cute and the product is 4 mini lipsticks and a sweet little bag to store it in. I think that this is such a wonderful idea as you are able to test the brands and what colours you like without having to fork out an arm and a leg for something that you might possibly not like. Also another point to make that every single one of these lipsticks have the most beautiful creamy formulas and feel extremely luxurious on the skin.

The first colour is a number 140 envious which is a dark seductive red which I am LIVING FOR. I love this shade all of the time and it screams bad bitch. If a colour described me it would be either this red or a mustard colour.

The second colour is number 240 tumultuous pink which on initial inspection is an extremely similar colour to the first lipstick but when swatched (see below) it is a vivid bright pink. I’m not sure that I will ever reach for this as I don’t really wear bright colours and like to stick to dark nudes and plums (forever autumnal) but it is a gorgeous shade just to own.

The next colour that we have is 120 desirable which was the colour that I initially thought I’d dislike the most. I don’t usually wear nudes and from the packaging it looks like a light pink toned nude but when swatches it’s a lot darker and with a lot more pigment which I am relieved about. I am possibly going to try wearing it as I usually wear browns, purples and reds.

Finally the last colour is number 130 intense nude which is a beautiful red toned brown. I love it and I want to eat it it looks so scrummy.

Envious, Tumultuous Pink, Desirable and Intense.

I hope you enjoyed this review,

Did you get any great cosmetics sets for christmas?


Hannah x



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