Leo’s Two Month Update.

It feels like forever that I last wrote an update post on Leo (well about a month since his one month update) and once again I have missed the Milestone. But yes, my baby is finally two months old and I cannot believe it. He is so grown up and has such a personality already, it breaks my heart. If you want to read his one month update then you can here.

In the last month he has learned to do so many new things and has almost become a new person. He is now waving his arms around, laughing, able to concentrate more and talking non-stop all day I feel like we are having a full on conversation with him sometimes (well when you’re at home with a baby all day baby language feels like real conversation). He has also learned a new trick which is when he’s really happy or wants attention then he squeals and it is absolutely ear piecing.

We have also been discharged from the health visitor and on his last weigh in about 2 weeks ago he was 11 pounds and 2 ounces. Incidentally because of his huge growth spurts we also have had to bottle feed as well as breast feed which has worked out nicely. I will breastfeed him during the night and early morning and bottle feed him for the rest of the day, this means that he is able to get all of the nutrients and milk that he needs but I am also able to have a break and some help off of Ricardo and the family.

I feel so proud that he is growing so healthy and strong, even though I would love my lethargic, tiny 7 pounds newborn back just for an hour or too to cuddle without getting a headbutt but also I cannot wait until he develops even more of a personality.

He also celebrated his first Christmas and had a lot of fun with all of Ricardos family and also enjoyed dressing up as the worlds cutest elf.


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