Nyx Illuminator Review in Enigmatic.


Hi guys,

Today I have another review which is the Nyx Illuminator in the colour Enigmatic which is a beautiful beautiful rose coloured highlighter. There are 5 other shades and all of them are pink based shades which retail for  9 USD. I love my Nyx products and since they brought a UK counter to boots it has been my go to drugstore product like so many other people.


From the initial look of the product it is a beautiful pinky rose coloured highlight which almost looks like a blush but from the heavy finger swatch below you can actually see  that it doesn’t have much colour to it at all and is almost sheer. But when you move it in the light you can pick up a small amount of pink which is actually rather pretty.


When applied to the face with an actual fan brush as opposed to the finger swatch it creates a subtle healthy glow. It actually looks rather natural and beautiful and would look gorgeous with natural every day makeup or even if you have a heavy eye and lip and want a more natural look.


The only thing that I did not like about this product was after used a few times it created a oily build up on the top of the product which you can see in the photo above which makes it more difficult to pick up the actual product and when finger swatched it was rather dry and chalky but that’s not how it was intended to be used. I could tell that the main ingrediant was going to be talc even before I even checked on the ingrediants. I love this highlight and it is in my every day makeup which I use for being around the house and my natural look. 10/10 would recommend.

Hannah x


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