L’oreal Brow Plumper review

This is a product review that I have been sitting on for a while because I wanted to make sure that I was sure. So many times I have found an eyebrow product and anointed it my holy grail product, only for it to become tedious and horrible.
As a person with extremely light eyebrow hairs, my eyebrows is the most important part of my day to day routine. Once I was dating a guy and took all of my makeup off in front of him only for me to be called Irobot because of my lack of facial features at all. Safe to say that didn’t last.

I first picked this product up about 6 months ago when I was having a splurge and barely even touched it for the first couple of months. Fortunately I stumbled across a youtube video in which the creator used this product in a tutorial and it tweaked my interest as it looked good.

This product is similar to a brow mascara with an extremely small mascara wand which keeps your eyebrows in place but also gives it more definition and volume as on the back it states that it’s a Brow Gel Mascara with fibres for fuller looking brows and it definitely does that, so much so that I would almost feel confident just wearing it.

Another positive about this product it that if you use it after another product (mine being the ABH dipbrow pomade in chocolate) then it keeps it in place and makes it last a lot lot longer. I will wear just these two products on my face with no setting spray and it will last all day.

All in all this is a wonderful product, especially for a person with lighter or less eyebrow hairs and I cannot recommenced it enough to anybody.


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