Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette review and swatches.


Today I decided that I deserved to splash out on myself and treat myself to the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette (HAIIIIII). I have never owned any Urban Decay eye shadows before but my god have I swatched them and my god have I loved them. I have always loved the naked palette 1, 2, 3 and smokey colours but haven’t had the opportunity or need to by them as I only really wear matte colours and I don’t want to spend that much for half of a palette so when the Ultimate Basics palette came out it tweaked my interest.


The packaging is phenomenal and has quite a bit of weight to it. It feels and looks extremely luxurious and that doesn’t end when you open it up. Excuse the baby in the background, he’s super needy today.


The colours which instantly jump out to me are Extra bitter which is a beautiful beautiful coral toned orange which I love wearing. I have a similar colour in my Morphe 35K palette but this one feels much more luxurious.

Another colour which instantly jumps out to me is lethal which is a dark, dark plum colour which would look phenomenal on a smokey eye.

I have finger swatched the first and second row without a bass, and cleaned before and after with a baby wipe (because who needs makeup wipes when they’re a mum).


The top row are beautiful cool toned nudes which I feel the first couple could have had a little bit more pigment. the last three colours will make beautiful crease colours.

il4-ygtnThe second line are more of a variety and much more suited to my colours which I enjoy to wear. Warm toned corals. As you can see they’re slightly chalky but this is from a finger swatch which brings up more product than a brush.

I will do some looks possibly soon,

Hannah x



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