Leo’s One month Update.

Hi guys,

If you’ve followed me since the start of my other blog then you will probably realise how far I’ve come. I started my first blog when I was six months pregnant, living with my parents and with my boyfriend 100+ miles away and now I have a beautiful one month old baby and live with my boyfriend.

This post is slightly late as he was born on the fourth, which happened to be his due date (he got his time keeping off his mumma because Ricardo is at least 3 hours late for every single thing EVER). It feels like yesterday that he was born and I think soon I will have recovered enough from the scarring to do a labour post because it’s actually a rather funny story even if it wasn’t at the time.

If you haven’t followed me since my previous blog then here are a couple of photos from when Leo was born.

This was taken a couple of hours after Leo was born. I couldn’t hold him for ages after he was born because I lost a LOT of blood and had to have an IV and they needed to stitch me up. Ricardo held him for the first couple of hours but this was the first time I held him.

This was the first outfit Leo ever wore and was taken the day after he was born just before we were leaving the hospital. We couldn’t put him in any clothes when we were in hospital because if we tried he would scream the house down and we were surrounded by other mums.

This was taken two days after he was born on Ricardo’s birthday.

When he was born he was a healthy 7 pounds 11 ounces and when he was next weighed he was 7 pounds 5 ounces a week later which is extremely normal for babies to lose weight in the first week. He hasn’t been weighed again but is now out of newborn clothes and is wearing up to one month old. He is going to get weighed again in two weeks so I will update again on how much he weighs.

He has developed such a personality now and can hold his head up for as long as he wants, so he is a super duper strong baby. He also has this extremely annoying thing that he does when he’s hungry he’ll push himself away when I’m trying to breastfeed and because he’s so strong I can’t push him so he gets even more stressed out. He also has found his voice and coos and will mimic us making noises.

Another thing that he absolutely loves is music, he loves it when I sing or play music (youtube do the best playlists for babies to sleep but stupidly have adverts part way through so sometimes half way through ba ba black sheep an advert pops up for kellogs and wakes him up.) Here is a list of his favourite songs.

-His all time favourite song is twinkle twinkle little star, every time I start singing it he will sit quietly and listen even if he has been previously screaming the house down which is adorable.

-I like singing high school musical with him and Ricardo knows the words so occasionally we will have a funky little duet.

-Leo enjoys it when I make drum noises and pretend that he is playing by waving his hands, he just gargles and watches which melts my heart.

-Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Mika. HAIIIII

Another thing that he loves which makes me a super duper proud mumma is he loves watching rupauls drag race because of all of the beautiful bright colours. He will actively show an interest and if he is being changed he will sit and watch it (because its always on HAIII).

He also absolutely adores his papoose because he is a needy baby and I love it too because I can be productive and clean or make dinner whilst holding him. If this isn’t a satisfied face then I don’t know what is.


Leo didn’t enjoy wearing this top but I felt it appropriate.

Will speak soon,

Hannah x


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