Nursery Tour


Hi guys,

Today I thought that I’d give you a little peak into Leo’s nursery. It’s not quite finished as he’s still sleeping with us so we’re using it for storage but we’ve got the main parts in. Once we’ve finished entirely I’ll do an updated version but until then you can just have a little look at now.

We went for a v simplistic cot as the room is rather neutral we decided to have a neutral cot so that it wouldn’t stand out overly much in the room. It was from mother care and was delivered which was helpful.

We have his Moses basket on top which is super cute. It has little spaceships and stars all over and goes nicely with the colour scheme we’re going for. This also was from mother are and I believe it was £69.99. It had the option to come with a Moses basket stand but we wanted one that rocks for when he’s in the living room or our room and we found one room on gumtree which was helpful.

His clothes rack was from Argos and was £20. It was previously used for Ricardos clothes when we lived with my parents but I love it’s new job and the baby coathangers we’re from eBay for £20 also which was a bargain as we got one hundred. It’s a lot easier having his clothes hanging than folded as he has so many we’d never find anything.

Ricardos mum gave us the canvas’s and the light frame which is ontop of the wardrobe but now on the light. I think she got them off gumtree and they bring a nice bit of colour into the room.

His wardrobe was also given to us by Ricardos mum and was from gumtree and it’s a cute colour. It matches the blues and the bouncy colours of the canvases and stops the room from being dull and neutral. The inside has a mirror and a coat rack which has all of his coats and sleepers in.

This is the last and my favourite part. This bookcase was given to me by my aunt and was my cousins and bookcase and it’s adorable. It’s now full of books and trinkets which is very cute.

I’ll keep you updated as it changes,

Hannah x


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