How my body changed through pregnancy.


This is the size I was before I was pregnant. I wasn’t happy about my weight and constantly felt like I needed to change my body.

Hi guys,

On my previous blog I had written a blog post about how my body had changed throughout pregnancy before I had given birth. Now Leo is here and because I have a new blog I have decided to do a newer updated one with later pregnancy added.

Before I gave birth I dealt with years and years of self hatred, binge eating then starving myself and confidence issues so when I found out I was pregnant one of my biggest worries was how my body was going to change throughout pregnancy. Unbelievably the further along in my pregnancy, the more I loved myself. By the end of the 9 months I found myself walking around the flat in my underwear in front of my boyfriend which I have always found difficult to do. I found myself loving my stretch marks and part of that was Ricardo gave me all of the attention and compliments that he had always given me. If I didn’t have that support then I’m sure that I would have been a mess, sure we joked about my size and made a game about how we no longer could see my ankles but overall I felt beautiful.

I’ve already mentioned that I am breastfeeding in a couple of posts previously but the main reason for that, as bad as it sounds, is so that I could lose the weight quickly. Fortunately I had lost most of the baby weight I put on by week two which was a huge positive as I was struck with the baby blues and felt sad about so much. I really didn’t need to feel negative about my weight because it could have been a decline that I did not need.

Here are the photos of how my body changed throughout my pregnancy from week 20.

20 weeks








1 week after Leo was born



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