Soap And Glory SuperCat Eyeliner Carbon Black Review.



I will be the first to admit that I adore Soap and Glory. From the sleek vintage packaging, which reminds me of the higher priced ‘the balm’ packaging, to the high quality that I have experienced with the majority of the products that I have purchased and the affordable pricing so it may come as a shock that I really really dislike this product.

I previously owned a Christmas gift set of all of their eyeliners which included the ink eyeliner, Jumbo Carbon Black eyeliner, Kohl and the Super cat eyeliner. None of which I still own. I decided to repurchase this product because I couldn’t remember how it worked for me as it was a number of years ago and I love all of my other products for this brand, unfortunately I was wrong.

Although it is easy to apply and creates a beautiful wing eyeliner 9 times out of 10, the initial layer is not black let alone carbon black. It’s streaky and slow drying and if you try to layer this up then it wipes the initial product off and does not build up at all. Also even though it does not claim to be long lasting, it really is not in the slightest, as soon as you wipe the eyeliner anyway in the slightest then it smudges or comes off completely and for someone who suffers with v sensitive eyes then sometimes a more durable eyeliner is needed. It also has a strong smell of marker pens which is peculiar as I’ve never had an eyeliner who smells of anything let alone marker pens.


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