Shabby Chic DIY Vintage Bedside Table


I have always had an extreme love for everything Shabby chic and since I have had time off work I decided that in some of my spare time I was to try and create my own as purchasing homemade Shabby chic items can retail at £50+ and I enjoy having projects to do.

-Bedside table (a cheap wooden bedside table can be bought for £5-£10 at second hand          shops but also are frequently given away for free online in places like Gumtree or Ebay)      -Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the colour Old White £18.95
-paint rollers and brushes which can be bought in Poundland
-a fine grain sandpaper which was around £1-£2
-beeswax which was around £10 but is optional for a long lasting finish
-Pretty doorknobs which can be bought off ebay or etsy cheap
I used Annie Sloan chalk paint because it was the most recommended and even though it came to £18.95 I only used around a third of the pot for the entire dresser. You can buy smaller pots of the Chalk paint if you are only looking to paint one object and are not looking to spend £20 but also there are a number of cheaper chalk paints which they sell in Aldis which are the same size and colour for around £10. Using the rollers was the most effective way of applying the paint and after I had applied it then I used the brush to create the brush stroke effect.
Also I removed all of the doorknobs and when applying the paint and I did not reach the back of the inside dressers as It would not be seen unless taken completely out. I painted the entirety of the inside of the draws. I found that it only took two layers of paint to get the desirable effect and any more gave it too much coverage which wasn’t the look I was going for.
After all of the paint was dried I sandpapered all of the edges of the dressers to give it a warn look. Including the majority of the edges and parts of the top and sides. Tip to take into consideration when doing this is the fact that the paint is slightly grainy so before sliding the draws back in it is best to sandpaper the sides of the draws, not to the point that the paint comes off but just to smooth it so when it is placed back in the draw then it will go in much smoother.
Once all of this is done then it is best to leave it for a 24 hour period and then after cover the dresser in beeswax with a rag. The wax may originally come out with discolouration on the paint but if you keep applying the wax in a circular motion on a rag then it will all blend in but keep the effect of the Paint.

image (2).jpeg
The doorknobs which I used were originally made for large doors in which a handle would be applied to the other side so I had to cut off half of the metal with a hacksaw so that it would not have excess metal on the inside. You can buy smaller doorknobs from places like Ebay or Home-base for around a pound and even more decorative ones and slightly more expensive ones on Etsy but the ones that I found were beautiful and I fell in love with them.
This was my finished product and I have used it as a bedside table. and I am now looking for a similar dresser for the other side of the bed but you can use this affect with bookcases, chairs, bed frames and a number of other pieces of furniture.



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