Makeup Revolution Peach Lights Baked Highlight Review.

I believe that there are only two colours to these products in peach lights (the products that I am reviewing) and golden lights which looks like a more iridescent yellow toned highlight that I don’t think will suit me but for only £3.00 I may buy but with a creamy initial texture and beautiful swatch, it’s easy to see why this has good reviews online. Also the fact being that I am extremely yellow toned and find that most face products have too much of a pink or red undertone to suit me, this is is a massive positive but on the other hand anything too white or yellow toned looks far too bright and not as subtle as I like, So with a pearly undertone this colour is to die for, Easy build up and blend out and gorgeous finish this product is a must.


The only downside is to be expected, it has quite large glitter particles which the majority of drugstore highlights; apart from the occasional NYX, Sleek and the Balm (but are they really drugstore) products contain but with such a creamy texture that blends out so nicely it is easy to have a natural glowey finish and as a girl who LOVES ME SOME HIGHLIGHT I feel like this is a beautiful product.

On the website they claim that there is 10g but on the packaging only states 7.5g, so i’m assuming that they have taken into consideration for the packaging and it has a 12 month lifespan.
The formula that they are using seems to be a pretty generic formula for a number of either baked eye shadows or highlights with similarities to a number of drugstore products including some of the Jordanna baked eye shadows and the mua highlights. The only major difference that I saw that this product has a high majority of talc than the average product which probably explains the overly creamy texture (good thing) but there are a number of uncertainties about the health concerns linking to talc in products (definitely not so good). If you would like to read more into that I am going to leave links to a vogue article about talc risks here, and the guardian here. There are no 100% certainties but it has been debated, also some people may have sensitivities to talc so there is that to take into consideration.
Makeup revolution are cruelty free but do not have any vegan products but as it states here, they claim that they are going to look into making some of their products vegan in the near future.
I hope you have enjoyed this and I’m looking to do more reviews in the future,
Hannah xx


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